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Music Video Promotion

$6,599.00 $4,999.00

  • Unlimited National TV Stations
  •  Unlimited Regional TV Stations
  •  Unlimited Community TV Stations
  • Unlimited Online TV Stations
  • Other Online Streaming Platforms
  • Multinational TV Stations including Trace, MtvBase, ChannelO, Sound City and Others.
  • Playlist Report
  • Airplay Follow-up
  • Airplay Report


Video submission for airplay rotations does not come easy for artist. If you submit your video to tv channels without following the proper directives for the particular tv channels, your video might just be lost in the game. It may not even make it to the station’s review panel. This is where your need help to get your video submitted and get listed for constant airplay rotations on targeted tv channels.

Whether your main target is just community/regional television stations, national, or international tv stations, Morgeez will guide you through the process and get your video submitted to the right source for proper review and playlists


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