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This confirms my interest (as an artist, producer, beatmaker etc) and participation on the Morgeez Music Publication Platforms to publish my music recordings in form of albums, EP, singles and others.

And that the following had set forth the terms of my relationship with Morgeez Music.

1. I am fully aware and grant Morgeez rights to also publish my image and likeness as recorded and filmed in and reproduced in form of music videos, interviews, performances, photographs and others.

2. Morgeez shall publish and distribute these information and materials on the Morgeez Music Stores, Morgeez Music Streaming Platforms, Morgeez Podcast, Morgeez TV, Morgeez Radio, Morgeez Magazines including all Morgeez Websites and Social media networks and inclusive of that of affiliates and associates of Mor’geez Records.

3. I hereby declare my understanding and in agreement that Morgeez, shall, for promotional purpose upload my music, creative works including videos, music videos, cover design artworks, my voice and photos onto all Morgeez Platforms for promotional purpose or for retail purpose as the case my be.

4. And I also agree that should Morgeez finds opportunities or be approached by its clients, potential clients and or other interest groups or companies to hire my services as a performer through Morgeez Talent Management and Booking Agency or other Morgeez Music/Publication Networks, I fully consent to such ventures as it helps to boost my income and career as a creative artist and performer. Should such opportunities arises, Morgeez can either communicate such to my record company (if any), agent or any persons acting in my interest including myself to negotiate fees.

5. And Should such fees negotiation be successful and I am assigned to do the job as required, Morgeez shall entitled to minimum 25% but not above 40% of such total income as therefore acts as my booking agent. Same applies to music retails on the Morgeez Music Stores and Music Streaming Platforms. In the case of apparent remuneration emanating from my musical works under Morgeez Music promotion, distribution and publication, this consent shall apply or otherwise, if there’s need for renegotiation.

6. I do look forward to a non exclusive or exclusive music distribution, music publishing and music promotion or artist management contract with Morgeez if presented with such opportunity.

7. I hereby also declare that I or my agents or representatives shall not hold Morgeez responsible and or accountable to any loss of intellectual properties or damage to any physical properties of music supplied by me to Morgeez in its efforts to promote my music and artistic career. I also declare that all tracks or music recordings submitted by me are originals and or totally cleared of any copyright infringements. And should there be any copyright claims from anywhere, Morgeez shall not be held responsible for such claims.

8. As per my music submission to Mor’geez Records CC. I hereby abide by this terms and condition and any further terms and condition of music distribution, promotion, publication either for commercial or non-commercial use.

9. I do understand this terms of music submission as I have read through it. And this online terms signifies my total consent to the Mor’geez Records terms and conditions. And my music submission signifies my signature to the terms herein and further terms of Morgeez Records as it relates to music distribution, publication, promotion and artists management/agency.