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That-Ego Shaun

Singer, Lydenburg

Independent rapper and sound engineer, That-Ego Shaun has just dropped
his debut single titled XXX after his trip to Bangkok, Thailand. The
A 25-year-old from Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, is a new artist on the scene but
is already making formidable moves which include working with Vth
Season artists such as Benny Afroe.

“X.X.X is a song about longing to be with someone, but you’re bad for each
other. You love them but the relationship is toxic at the same time”, he said.
That-Ego Shaun, real name Thatego Shaun Mkhonza was introduced to
the industry at a young age by his older brother who was a popular artist in
Mpumalanga. It was then that the music bug bit That-Ego Shaun which saw
him begin to perform on stages at high school events back home in
Lydenburg. “

Performing at highschools taught me how to control a teenage
crowd, song selections and the energy needed to make them dance. The
whole idea was to target a young demographic and grow with them.”

His move to Johannesburg in 2013 was the turning point in That-Ego
Shaun’s career as he pursued music academically and studied sound
engineering at the Revolution Media Academia. His career has since been
on a steady rise and has exposed Thatego to entities such as Vth season
and artists such as Benny Afroe, and even touring with him to Bangkok,
Thailand. “ Benny and I were highschool mates.

We started off dancing in high school and when we both got to the city we did more music than
dance. One day, he said he needs to work on his first EP, so we got
together, and the rest is history. His brand and craft sparked interest in
Bangkok and so he asked me to tour with him cause I was his trusted
engineer and we had a song together in his EP, we shot a video and
documentary in Bangkok and Dubai.”

The international experience enabled That-Ego Shaun to explore the idea
of being on stage again after working behind the scenes as a sound
engineer. One can expect to see him on line ups of various events in the
coming months. He is definitely one to look out for.


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